Hypha Real Estate Tulum


We aim to unite designers, developers, and visionaries to pioneer a fresh real estate business culture.

Our commitment is to provide clients with holistic, enduring investment solutions that shape the projects of tomorrow.

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We are the storytellers of Tulum

We are comited to the sustainable development of Tulum, we connect every possible dot in the aim of creating a better future for all.

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growing up a visionary city

We create valuable connections between visionary, long-term investors who are catalysts of Tulum’s positive transformation.

Our mission is to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial and underwater ecosystems, sustainably manage natural resources in construction processes, combat deforestation, reverse land degradation, and halt loss of biodiversity in the region.

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Expanding in mycelium

The new era humanity can be seen and felt through the design of new living spaces: architecture and nature intertwined.

investors and developers of the future seek human connection, cultural awareness and sustainable growth, today’s luxury is nature and freedom.

We connect people’s dreams making great investments.

Illustration of Fungi texture by Hypha Inc

Our Team

Our team is comprised by an international young team of creatives with many backgrounds, our diversity reflects the open, creative and dynamic lifestyle of Tulum.

Alex Dumas
Alex DumasConstruction Director
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Specialized in bioconstruction and organic architecture, with more than 10 years of experience.
Carlos Barrera
Carlos BarreraMarketing Director
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Interaction designer looking to create the perfect match between the product and the investor.
Isabel Córdova
Isabel CórdovaGeneral Manager
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Breathmaster , strategist with a natural sense of leadership.
Ana Paula Ortiz
Ana Paula OrtizCreative Designer
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Adventure creation and design. She finds meaning in art , culture and epic adventures.
Pato Herrera
Pato HerreraContent Creator
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Adrenaline junkie capturing epic moments through a creators eye.
Maru Fernandez
Maru FernandezCommunity Manager
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Passionate communicator, entrepreneur with a charismatic personality towards life.
Rebe Ramirez
Rebe RamirezCreative Designer
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Colorful personality with passion towards martial arts.

Driven by

creative technology

We firmly believe that through creative communications, networking, and new models of success, the development industry is capable of transforming itself into the next era of regeneration, restoration and sustained life on our planet.

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