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Tulum sustainable city

Humid tropical forests, endemic medicinal flora, wildlife and luxury tourism are some of the factors that have transformed Tulum as one of the municipalities with the highest growth rate in the world. Tulum is at the biggest turning point in its short life (founded in 2008). 

Not only private investment abounds in Tulum but also the large number of public infrastructure megaprojects, such as the Jaguar Park, Tulum Airport, Mayan Train, Cancun Grand Outlet amongst others .Taking into account the magnitude of these projects and analyzing the 7,120 available rooms compared to the 103,000 in Playa del Carmen we can conclude that there is a supply deficit, considering a growth of 1,000 rooms per year we can estimate that the market is not going to be saturated for at least 10 years.

Tulum receives around 2.1 million tourists a year. Due to the  airport it is estimated that this number will increase to 5.5 million a year.

The people of Tulum were left behind and it is our duty as residents of their lands to contribute to the growth of the new sustainable city of Tulum.

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