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Tulum: growing a multicultural, conscious and sustainable community

March 27th / 2024 – Hypha inc. 

Two boats docked at the bay of Tulum at sunrise near Playa Maya. Photo: Leandro Oddone

Tulum stands at the threshold of exponential growth, solidifying its status as a global hotspot.

Tulum is a place where culture, progress, and the raw beauty of nature coalesce in a truly enchanting tapestry. The inhabitants and visitors of the town, witness firsthand how this remarkable destination continues to evolve, captivate, and inspire.

Known as the jewel of the Caribbean, Tulum, a once tranquil beach town rapidly gained  an impressive array of amenities, including an international airport, expansive national parks, an intercity train network, and a plethora of world-class attractions.  Yet, with such rapid development comes an array of challenges that newcomers must navigate with foresight and ingenuity.

However, Tulum isn’t merely a land of challenges; it’s a veritable treasure trove of opportunities. It’s a nexus where public and private investments converge to sculpt an extraordinary destination, one that promises wellbeing and a fresh start for those who dare to invest in it, today.

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Let us share our vision with you, while navigating through the essence of Tulum; a place where multi-cultural community, modern progress, and the raw beauty of nature coalesce in a truly enchanting setting. 

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