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The Future of Tulum

Known as the jewel of the Caribbean, Tulum, a once quiet beach town rapidly gained an impressive array of amenities, including an international airport, expansive national parks, an intercity train network, and a plethora of world-class attractions.

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Why Hypha?

Our work reflects the dynamic and diverse culture that permeates Tulum. This is also expressed in our name, Hypha is the multicultural consciousness developing every single day in Tulum.

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The installation of the Tzompantli is made up of 150 handmade paper skulls constructed from trash collected by hand from Tulum’s beach, town, and jungle.

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Humans have been living and altering the ecosystems under the canopy of the Mayan Forest for thousands of years. ​

Milpa Forest Gardens of the Maya

The most widely known agroecological system of the ancient Mayan civilization, which remains central to traditional agricultural practices, is the milpa. More than fostering sustainable food production, it is a sophisticated resource management system that has been practiced for millennia.

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