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Nature, by itself, is beauty. In it we find an infinite variety of shapes, colors and species coexisting in the universe in a perfect, logical and unquestionable way. The only imperative to live in harmony with it is to respect it.

Man has integrated himself into Nature in different ways. At the beginning of their existence, human beings remained very close to Nature, their relationship was so intimate that they understood and interacted like two lovers. Time passed and man, by protecting himself from the inclement weather and his natural enemies, transformed his environment, his beloved. Arrogant, blinded by his feeling of superiority and dominance, he became a declared enemy of Nature, because with weapons in hand he moved further and further away from his origin, by building spaces foreign to his identity.

We turned our backs on Nature and at that moment, as the architect González Gortázar points out, man is expelled from Paradise. The abandonment of Nature still causes him nostalgia, he thinks about it…, he remembers it…, what’s more: he visits it! He goes to parks, goes out to the forest, to the mountains, to the lake; and that is where he once again feels that his origin and ancestral environment remains full of beauty, of authenticity.

Then there is a rejection of the world conquered by him, he perceives it as false and failed. However, he knows he has few options. You often find yourself in arid, inhospitable and hostile spaces: urban planning often offers you just that; The conflict caused by the awareness of the loss of the natural leads him to desire and demand for his descendants a world in which the natural and the human are linked.

-Javier Senosiain

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