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Wellness design Architecture
we designed a home that you will enjoy for generations.

Welcome to Tulum

Tulum, the jewel of the Riviera Maya, stands as a living testament to the fusion between the ancestral past and a radiant future. Its roots are intertwined with history, while its vision shines into the future.

Timeless Design

Nek Ha celebrates the vision of living in nature with the convenience of modern life.


We use local materials like in the old days to build the design of the future.


Following the shapes of nature, the curved design at all viewing angles is complemented by organic textures and plays of natural light.


Enter a home where functionality meets beauty, and discover how your everyday life can be transformed into a continuous experience of comfort.


More than 60% of NekHa's land is green areas and pristine jungle spaces with walkways and rest areas.​
affordable house for sale in Tulum

+120M² de Comodidad

affordable houses for sale in Tulum Mexico


Every detail reflects our commitment to a lifestyle that balances natural serenity with contemporary comfort.
Affordable housing tulum real estate
2 bedrooms on the first floor with modular carpentry and balcony.
2 1/2 comfortable bathrooms with enough space.
Double height in kitchen, breakfast room, dining room, and living room.
Comprehensive laundry area and 2 storage warehouses.

Affordable Luxury

Quality, Materials and Finishes, at an apartment price.

Master Plan


Surrounded by extensive green areas, Nek Ha offers harmonious spaces to enjoy life.

Immerse yourself in a lifestyle where quality and elegance converge, and discover how every detail is designed to elevate your home experience to new levels of affordable luxury.


Just 20 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from the beach. Nek Ha connects you with all the wonders that the Riviera Maya has to offer its inhabitants.

Nek Ha is located in Region 10, one of the next residential areas of Tulum, where public drainage, underground services and paved streets guarantee a convenient and modern environment.


The roof is made with 100% natural materials: steel, bamboo and henequen covered with a state-of-the-art synthetic membrane.

Its unique capsule shape not only adds a touch of architectural distinction, but was designed to mitigate the effects of tropical climate, UV reflection, flowing rain and, yes, even the onslaught of cyclones.


Our commitment to using local resources not only contributes to reducing our environmental footprint, but also adds a unique authenticity to every corner of Nek Ha.
Bamboo is a 100% natural material with flexibility and durability ideal for building with organic shapes.
Henequén, an excellent fiber for building, due to flexibility, resistance and durability
Concrete made on site with cement, stone, sand and water. Its natural origin promotes 'grounding'.
The stone extracted from the excavation as a finish creates an atmosphere without generating extra carbon.

Early Access - 2 Units of 12

Delivery: SUMMER 2025

Nek Ha is a limited access project 

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