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An investment for generations to come

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Designed to enjoy

Our houses are designed to create a life, joy and tranquility with attention to detail.


Organic architecture, like in the old days with the functionality and comfort of the future


Curved design in all viewing angles, organic textures and plays of natural light.​


Everyday life becomes a continuous experience of satisfaction and ergonomics


The Mayan jungle is also home to thousands of species of endemic flora and fauna.
affordable house for sale in Tulum

+120m² (1291.67sq.ft.) of Comfort

affordable houses for sale in Tulum Mexico

Your home inside a private park

Almost half of Nek Ha Park’s terrain is pristine jungle that you can interact with.

Ergonomics and functionality

We create a space that you can enjoy in the long term


Nek Ha Villas de lujo en Tulum

Local design with global inspiration

We care about the foundation:
water care, environmental impact and carbon footprint


A space that balances natural serenity with contemporary comfort
Affordable housing tulum real estate

Two Bedroom

2 1/2 Bathrooms

Double Height, Kitchen, Living and Storages

Full Landry Room

Well designed from A to Z

From materials to finishes, Nek Ha is a house with utmost attention to detail

'Tiny Luxury'

Due to its design, quality of materials and finishes, Nek Ha is a luxury residence at an unbeatable price.

Design for everyday life

Nek Ha has everything we like about Tulum: Jungle, privacy and comfort


Nek Ha is located in a residential area where convenience and nature converge

Nek Ha is located in a residential area in Tulum, where public drainage, underground services and paved streets already offer a convenient and modern living environment.


Nek Ha offers a lifestyle in which every detail is intentional to elevate the concept of home

Integrated into the green areas, Nek’s spaces were designed to connect its users with themselves and their community.

Satellite accuracy

We map the terrain to intervene with absolute care


More than a tile, a roof that protects you from the elements

The Nek Ha dome is a structure made of natural materials and covered with a state-of-the-art synthetic membrane.

Its unique shape not only adds architectural distinction, its function is to mitigate the adverse effects of the local climate: from UV rays to rain, including cyclones.


Our commitment to using local resources contributes to reducing our environmental footprint and adds a touch of authenticity to every corner of Nek Ha.


Entrega: SUMMER 2025

Nek Ha is a limited access project, with only 10 units available.

Register to get exclusive access to the first round of investors and get the best capital gain from Nek Ha. This investment was designed to increase in value over time.

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