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Region 15 - 2019 - 2023

KAN Tulum embodies sustainable living and ecocentric architecture in the heart of Tulum. This visionary project sets the standard for a harmonious coexistence with nature while redefining luxury living.

Ecocentric Approach
Water Processes
Water Treatment Plant / Inverse Osmosis System
Renewable Energy
Common Areas powered by solar
Environmental Impact
40% Footprint
Biomimetic / Biophilia / Wellness


Experience the magic of biomimicry as you live in harmony with the environment.

Elevated foundation Architecture Design KAN Tulum

Elevated Innovation

KAN Tulum’s buildings are thoughtfully elevated to preserve the freshness of the surroundings. This unique feature not only maintains a consistently invigorating atmosphere but also minimizes soil damage.

Architectural Plan Bamboo Skin Bioarchitecture KAN Tulum


Diapositiva anterior
Diapositiva siguiente

A custom-made bamboo exoskeleton serves as the canvas for nature’s artistry, allowing lush vines to embrace the structure. This cocoon-like casing not only enhances the building’s allure but also dramatically reduces interior temperatures, ensuring the user’s comfort.

Investment Units

Starting at: $400,000 USD

KAN Tulum offers a peerless investment opportunity, operating as a luxury hotel. Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of client service and enjoy the tranquility of a truly hands-free investment.

Whether you seek a remarkable second home or a strategic financial investment, KAN Tulum is your gateway to luxury investment in the Mayan Riviera.

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