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Our architecture and engineering network is dedicated to envision and create sustainable spaces harmoniously integrated with the natural world of Tulum.


Drawing inspiration from the intricate processes, systems and patterns found in nature.

Biomimetics inspires design  to biological principles, forms, and functions to inform the creation of harmonic and sustainable architectural solutions.

Illustration of Bio Architecture, Sustainable Design, Local Material Process of extraction by Hypha Inc

Ecocentric design

Advocating for the synthesis of human habitats with the natural forces

We believe that future design should be a reflection of natural evolution  and fluidity, where straight lines and sharp angles are replaced with organic curves and gentle transitions.

By breaking free from traditional constraints, we redefine architectural possibilities, resulting in environments that breathe with life, embracing the contours of the land, the play of light, and the pulse of nature.

Sustainable Architecture Biomimetics Capsule-like buildings, circular shaped architecture, Top View KAN Tulum 2023

Property:  Kan Tulum 

Together with our clients we generate the perfect blend of modern design and comfort with Tulum’s unique essence with profound understanding of the land.

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Our team and strategic partners can help you design and construct your project.

Our Sustainable Development System

Recognizing that 20% of actions often yield 80% of the overall impact, we employ a meticulous approach to identify and address these crucial aspects during project development.

Pareto Law 80/20 Pie Chart by Hypha Inc
Bio architecture illustration sketch by Hypha Inc Tulum

water preservation

Tulum, perched above the world’s most extensive subterranean cave network, boasts a remarkable natural phenomenon. The underground network comprises over 300 km of interconnected tunnels, caves, and cenotes concealed beneath the surface.

This geological wonder stems from Tulum’s unique topography. Here, every drop of rainwater percolates through the region’s porous limestone terrain. As the water navigates this subterranean journey, it gradually accumulates above the saltwater layer of the aquifer mantle, owing to the distinct disparity in density.

At Hypha, we acknowledge this exceptional natural setting. Our designs are inspired by the profound connection between the subterranean realm and the lush jungle above.

Tulum faces a significant infrastructure challenge: the Government water and sewerage company currently provides water and sewer services to only 30% of the region. The remaining 70% falls under the responsibility of developers. While sourcing water from the underground freshwater lens through private wells is a common practice, the critical concern lies in the treatment of wastewater. Many projects utilize humedales, biodigestores, or septic tanks, with the eventual reinjection of water into the aquifer. This practice, if not treated as a priority, could potentially lead to a future crisis.

To safeguard the purity of our natural water source and ensure a sustainable water management system, a dedicated water treatment plant becomes imperative. Our architectural services are committed to addressing these pressing environmental concerns, working collaboratively with developers and stakeholders to implement innovative, ecologically responsible solutions that secure the long-term well-being of Tulum and its invaluable water resources. Join us in our mission to harmonize development with environmental preservation.

Approximately 65 million years ago, a cataclysmic meteorite impact in the Gulf of Mexico triggered a chain of events that ultimately shaped the landscape we now know as the Mayan peninsula. This transformative process began with the deposition of impact-related dust, and over time, as the land rose above sea level, the relentless influence of the sun led to the fossilization of this terrain, transmuting it into limestone. The composition of this limestone primarily comprises calcium carbonate, alongside various other elements, rendering the water in the region notably heavy and unsuitable for human consumption.

In light of this geological backdrop, we advocate for advanced water treatment technologies such as reverse osmosis and hydrogen-enhanced water systems. These innovative solutions play a vital role in purifying and revitalizing the local water supply, ensuring that the challenges posed by the unique composition of the Mayan peninsula’s groundwater are met with sustainable, eco-conscious approaches. Join us in our mission to harmonize architecture with the preservation of precious natural resources in this remarkable region.

Bio Architecture KAN Tulum by KAN Industries Entrance draw by Hypha Inc. BAmboo Sustainable Material, Architecture Sketch

Environmental Impact

Let’s jump into Tulum’s architectural future. Our designs, inspired by nature’s elegance, redefine construction through the incorporation of organic aesthetics, breaking away from the confines of traditional 90° angles to usher in new aesthetics in  architectural forms.

Our mission is to guide developers in realizing their projects aligned with the natural evolution of the land. This commitment involves a range of sustainable practices, such as preserving land, optimizing window placement for natural light and airflow, and harnessing the benefits of green walls as natural thermal barriers, effectively reducing interior temperatures.

In collaboration with us, your vision for Tulum’s future becomes a sustainable reality, where innovation and ecocentric sensitivity coalesce to create spaces that not only captivate the eye but also respect and enhance the natural surroundings. Join us in crafting a future that harmonizes architecture with nature, redefining the possibilities for development in this extraordinary Caribbean City.

Dendrology is a complex science, and not every tree or plant is suitable for construction purposes. In cases where using them directly is impractical, transplantation emerges as an ideal solution. Through an extensive understanding of the unique requirements of the land, we have been able to assist developers in making informed decisions regarding tree transplantation. Trees with high water content are carefully relocated to new locations where they can continue to thrive, contributing to the green landscape. Conversely, trees with low water content are repurposed, finding new life as valuable wood resources.

Our commitment to sustainable development extends beyond architecture. We embrace the responsible stewardship of nature, ensuring that each tree is utilized optimally, either by providing a new home in a different setting or by being repurposed to minimize waste and maximize the ecological benefits of our projects. Partner with us to make conscientious choices that harmonize development with the preservation of our natural environment.

*Dendrology is the science and study of wood plants.

Our commitment to the «all-natural» ethos is at the core of our architectural approach. In our projects, we prioritize the use of environmentally responsible materials, such as limestone, bamboo, sustainable woods, and chukum—a 100% organic stucco-type finishing crafted from a blend of limestone and tree resin.

Limestone, with its timeless appeal and durability, provides a strong foundation for our designs, while bamboo, known for its sustainability and versatility, complements our eco-conscious vision. Sustainable woods further enhance the aesthetic and environmental qualities of our projects, embodying a commitment to responsible forestry practices.

Chukum, our finishing touch, embodies both nature’s purity and artistic finesse. This organic material not only adds a unique, aesthetically pleasing dimension to our designs but also aligns perfectly with our dedication to creating spaces that honor the environment.

Join us in the pursuit of architectural excellence that harmonizes with nature, where the «all-natural» concept isn’t just a choice but a philosophy woven into every facet of our projects.

Solar Panels and Renewable Energy Sources Sketch, Hypha Inc. Sustainable Real Estate

renewable energies

Tulum’s unique geographic advantages make it an ideal setting for maximizing the efficiency of renewable energy systems. When it comes to solar panels, Tulum’s proximity to the equator ensures exceptional sunlight exposure, allowing photovoltaic systems to capture up to 20% more energy compared to many other locations.

Additionally, the coastal location of Tulum brings a significant benefit to wind energy, particularly in the form of eolic (wind) systems. The proximity to the beach and the influence of geographic currents create a consistent, year-round airflow that provides a reliable and continuous source of power.

At HYPHA, we harness these natural advantages to integrate sustainable energy solutions seamlessly into our designs. We are dedicated to creating environmentally conscious structures that not only embrace the beauty of Tulum but also leverage its geographical strengths to optimize the efficiency of renewable energy systems.

At HYPHA, we recognize the importance of waste management within the broader context of environmental responsibility. Our commitment extends to promoting eco-friendly solutions and fostering new industries that contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable Tulum. We are building a future where responsible waste management aligns seamlessly with architectural innovation.

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