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Bamboo As one of the first construction tools, has been and continues to be a traditional, sustainable, economical, flexible and resistant technology, which attracts the attention of designers, architects and engineers to integrate it into the most modern constructions. Bamboo, since ancient times, has been used by man in construction. For humanity, bamboo represents an

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Architecture Design, Bio-architecture sketch, architecture and design by Hypha Inc.


  Bioarchitecture Nature, by itself, is beauty. In it we find an infinite variety of shapes, colors and species coexisting in the universe in a perfect, logical and unquestionable way. The only imperative to live in harmony with it is to respect it. Man has integrated himself into Nature in different ways. At the beginning

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Why Hypha?

  Hypha refers to the long filamentous branches found in fungi and actinobacteria. Hyphae are important structures required for growth in these species, and together, are referred to as mycelium. Each hypha is comprised of at least one cell encapsulated by a protective cell wall typically made of chitin, and contain internal septa, which serve

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Mapa de Tulum, Quintana Roo 2023, Negativo

Tulum´s future

Tulum sustainable city Humid tropical forests, endemic medicinal flora, wildlife and luxury tourism are some of the factors that have transformed Tulum as one of the municipalities with the highest growth rate in the world. Tulum is at the biggest turning point in its short life (founded in 2008). Not only private investment abounds in

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Bio architecture illustration sketch by Hypha Inc Tulum


Karst The Yucatan Peninsula was created after the impact of a meteorite 10 kilometers in circumference which hit the Gulf of Mexico 65 million years ago, leaving a 180 km crater called Chicxulub. Only half of the crater is located within the peninsula, the rest is located on the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico.

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