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Aldea Zama

Nestled amidst lush jungle with access to private parks, swimming pools, elevators, and rooftop gardens teeming with vegetation, Aflora offers a unique luxury resort-like lifestyle for families looking for a gated community focused on well-being.

Ecocentric Approach
Water Processes
Public Drainage
Renewable Energy
Common Areas
Environmental Impact
60% Footprint
Human centered design

Main Features

Great for families

Gated community with private jungle parks

Art Paradise

The design in Aflora is an artform. From the architecture of the amenities to the installations and creative activities happening all-year round.

Luxury Design

High-end finishes, bespoke furniture, maximum comfort and luxury right from the lobby to the units.


Professional Property Management under a solid brand gives the owner flexibility to use and rent their unit at wish.

Investment Units

Starting at: $246,086 USD

A luxury residential complex based on the spirit of Tulum, designed for an international community who like wellness experiences with a touch of privacy and luxury.

Aflora offers a new wellness resort style concept. Owners can enjoy the circuit of amenities in which it carries out endless activities, ranging from relaxation, fitness, and work.

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