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About us

HYPHA provides complete high-end services and solutions to conscious investors who wish to make the most of their real estate investments. 

What we do

Real Estate

The expertise of our on-site teams, combined with key customer-data, local market knowledge, and real-time communications, allows HYPHA to craft a distinct customer experience with a profound understanding of our clients’ unique preferences and needs.


We provide a wide range of Sustainable Real Estate Investment services, from conceptualization to execution and beyond. Our system is designed to help both developers and investors reach their goals within their plans.

Regenerative Development

Our team facilitates entry in the market for national and international developers, with best practices in alignment with Tulum’s construction regulations.

Design and Construction

We create custom marketing and brand development programs for each and every property in its collection, boosting developer income and maximizing the value of our clients’ property investments.

Branding and Marketing

We create custom marketing and brand development programs for each and every property in our collection, improving communications between clients and developers, leveraging the need for intermediate Brokers.

Content Creation

Digital Image was never as important as it is today. Our team of creative experts help business owners to achieve visual perfection aligned with their design and message, ensuring that is done with the best quality. 

For the love of Tulum


The HYPHA initiative was created to meet the growing local market and demand and global necessity for sustainable development practices. 

We live and breathe Tulum

Our team is comprised by Real Estate experts, developers, designers and creative humans who wish to grow Tulum as beautiful as it is, understanding the challenges that doing it takes.

Global Vision Local Impact

Hypha cultivates long-standing relationships with top agencies and brokers around the world, who refer conscious and impact-aware clients to our community and inventory of ecocentric projects in Tulum and beyond.

We collaborate with conscious designers, constructors, government, and real estate investors to create impactful changes, facilitating the creation of agents of transformation for this next era.

By moving away from current unsustainable practices, we provide our partners with a roadmap for the restoration of Nature and assist in keeping Tulum beautiful.

are you ready to become a pioneer of the future?

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